Edge Profile Selection

The edge profile is the front edge surface of the countertop that faces outward and is highly visible. The edging process is a finishing process that takes the “sharpness” and minor imperfections out of the stone’s front edge and polishes it to an extremely smooth and uniform surface.

A proper edge profile adds impact to the beauty of a natural stone slab surface and helps integrate the stone into the overall design for the room. It helps to create a unique and extraordinary countertop that reflects your personal style and still meets the practical needs of your busy life.

With the right edge detail, your countertop will make a striking and lasting impression by bringing out the personality you are trying to create. You can match the backsplashes with the countertop edge by having your edge profile applied to your backsplashes, even though the majority of backsplashes have a standard edge profile.

At AGS, we offer a wide selection of standard, premium and exclusive countertop edges that can be used to fit any contemporary, modern or traditional decor in the kitchen or bath. While ¼ topround and bevel edges are the most popular amongst contemporary or modern kitchens, clients with traditional decor should consider choosing from the bullnose, dupont or ogee collection of edges.

Standard Edges

Standard Edge
1/4 Bevel Edge
1/4 Topround Edge

Premium Edges

AGS Edge Profiles 20
AGS Edge Profiles 5
AGS Edge Profiles 6
AGS Edge Profiles 7
AGS Edge Profiles 4
AGS Edge Profiles 18
AGS Edge Profiles 5
AGS Edge Profiles 8

Exclusive Edges

AGS Edge Profiles 9
AGS Edge Profiles 11
AGS Edge Profiles 14
AGS Edge Profiles 16
AGS Edge Profiles 10
AGS Edge Profiles 13
AGS Edge Profiles 15

We also recommend that our clients weigh other lifestyle factors besides matching the decor during edge selection. For instance, families with small children should strongly consider avoiding sharp bevel type edges that may cause injuries in case of accidents. For such clients, we recommend choosing from our wide selection of topround or bullnose edges that are completely rounded off to avoid any sharp edges or corners. Additionally, for our clients who expect their kitchen to be high traffic areas, we recommend avoiding edges with high detail profiles such as ogee, double ogee or dupont since they are more prone to chipping in areas where the granite edge has the least thickness. For such high traffic kitchens, choosing from topround, bevel or bullnose options is a safer and more attractive decision.

You will find our popular edge styles on the picture, which add that finishing touch to your countertops. Other edges and combinations of edges are available.


Lamination is the gluing of layers of stone together to achieve a desired thickness or layered effect. Most materials are available in 3/4″ and 1-1/4″ thickness; however, we use 1-1/4” thick material because of several advantages. Any combination can be laminated together. To save the cost and reduce the weight, the whole countertop is not laminated, only the finished sides. The laminate strips are usually 3″ to 6″ wide depending on overhang.

Laminated Edges

AGS Edge Profiles 12
AGS Edge Profiles 19
AGS Edge Profiles 11

There are a number of other special order edge finishes available. If you are interested in a style not shown, please tell us what you have in mind. There is almost nothing we CAN NOT do for the edge detail.

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If you need help selecting an edge or have questions, please contact us.