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Advanced Granite Solutions has partnered with Interior Designers and Interior Decorators in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. for decades, due in part to being the leading granite and quartz fabricator in the region. Additionally, we are well-known for our follow-up and client care. We are here for you to answer any questions and to give assistance even after your project is complete. Granite is an extraordinary natural stone and exquisite material option for most countertops because of the variety of spectacular designs and colors, and because it is extremely durable. You might say that granite has a “resistant” quality about it…it is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, water-resistant, etc. Many designers use it for bathroom vanities as well. At AGS, we welcome designers in every day for showroom appointments to see everything we have to offer and to observe our process.

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Caves Valley projects with Byrd Design & Build

One of the enjoyable benefits of granite and quartz to Interior Decorators and their clients is the extravagance they portray. Advanced Granite Solutions makes sure that the expense is not extravagant as well. This is even though granite is an intriguing natural creation. For the granite to have been created, minerals melted into the liquid, forming the design, once it hardened. Glorious and alluring, granite can bring together a vision when matched correctly. AGS also offers quartzite, marble, and onyx.

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Western Ave Project with Axis Architects
Rocks Chrome Hill Project with Anchor Home building & remodeling 

Granite has certainly been a timeless piece of design. Regardless of shifts in pattern or color popularity, granite has been seen as a model of luxury since the 1880’s. Again, partnering with the perfect granite and quartz fabricator, such as Advanced Granite Solutions of Maryland, will ensure that the value is remarkable as well. Some Interior Decorators

and Interior Designers might choose a honed finish for the granite or quartz versus a polished finish within a contemporary design. In the right environment, a honed finish can provide an exemplary look and functionality. A unique feature of quartz and granite are that they are known to be somewhat bacteria resistant. This can be important to many people these days.

Interior Designers can also point to granite countertops as being very easy to maintain and clean while creating a vision for a client. Bathroom walls can even look graceful if made from granite. This is a huge advantage for anyone who has struggled to clean notoriously difficult bathroom walls.

AGS, centrally headquartered in the Baltimore Metro area, can create the granite, natural stone, or quartz solution that will provide an elegant luminance to all your designs.

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Western Ave Project with Axis Architects