One-Of-A-Kind Designs

ONYX – a semi precious translucent stone, with natural colors and a variety of patterns. Rare and translucent, onyx is a luxurious focal point that catches light and seems to glow from within.

USE: Indoor
Onyx is available in a wide array of colors and patterns. It adds elegant luxury to countertops, vanity tops, bars, interior flooring and wall cladding decors and when it is blended with LED lights, it can make any space a stunner.

LOOK: Optimistic and Warm
With one-of-a-kind designs in almost any color imaginable, onyx brings further dimension to a home through its translucent appearance and the option to illuminate the stone with backlighting. What’s more, its ability to pair well with wood, concrete, steel and glass will hone in an ultra-modern interior design everytime.

Intimate & Unique

FINISH: Polished, Honed or Leathered
Onyx is the perfect natural stone for you if you want an alternative to traditional interior decorating options. Its design is rich, intimate and unique; it will most certainly complement your expensive style.

Flooring, Bar Tops, Wall Accents, Fireplace Surrounds, Sink Bases, Vases and Urns, Lamps and Chandeliers, Jewelry.


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