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We will get a quote in your hands for any job within 24 hours, if not the same day. AGS knows that you are usually working within a defined budget, and that getting a close estimate right out of the gate will allow investors to make quick decisions if necessary. If you have multiple homes that are similar size and layout, the quotes can be delivered in a matter of a few hours in most cases. We can create a laser template for investors within a couple of days if needed. Advanced Granite Solutions will meet your timeline needs, no matter how fast the project is moving along. After templating, our installation can be completed in a week.

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An expense that makes sense to an investor in any form is pretty much the definition of good investing. Seasoned real estate investors understand that some upgrades can pay for themselves in perpetuity. A quality quartz or granite countertop can turn a bland kitchen space into an enticing visual selling point for a seller or investor. Our seams are the highest quality in the industry, thus creating a stunning canvass to attract the buyer or renter. This upgrade could also help to capture a larger rent payment or encourage a buyer to “get off of the fence”. It could also assist in branding the real estate investor as someone who cares and someone who deals in quality and elegance.

One thing to certainly factor in is the quality of the installation work. Installing a granite or quartz countertop poorly, having the pieces not fit, or obvious and unattractive seams could actually decrease the value of the home. This would be a disaster for any real estate investor. After committing time, effort, energy, and money in this project, to have value decline would be an absolute heartbreaker. Especially when time equals money as well. Advanced Granite Solutions uses laser templates and digital equipment for pinpoint accuracy. Our CNC cutters, routers, and waterjet help to ensure precision. Seam placements are prepared by experienced architects and high resolution slab pictures are digitized for the highest quality seams in the industry. You could say they are “seamless”. We make sure each side is polished equally by putting the seam pieces toghether in the shop, mirroring the way they will fit in your kitchen or bathroom. For years,

Edgewood Ave - Byrd design

Advanced Granite Solutions has helped real estate investors sleep well at night by doing the heavy lifting and making sure the project ends in perfection, increasing the value of the home.