Engineered Stone

QUARTZ – one of the most abundant minerals on the earth’s crusts, it is a man made engineered stone, formed by combining 90-95% natural quartz crystals with 8-10% resins, polymers and pigments.

USE: Indoor
Quartz is a very versatile stone; it is ideal for kitchen countertops because of its resistance to fats, oils, and acids from foods. It is also great for bathroom countertops, stairs, claddings fireplaces, floors, walls and surfaces that have to withstand high traffic of people because of its high hardedness and resistance to abrasion and scratching, ability to prevent liquid absorbtion and its ease of maintennace.

LOOK: Adaptable Extraordinary Beauty
Quartz with its wide range of colors and textures and its ability to combine large decorative formats with fewer joints surfaces is poised to satisfy any decorative need you might have. Quartz is able to combine materials and different furniture and environment with a depth, certain to take your breath away.

FINISH: Polished, Honed or Leathered
It takes very little effort to make Quartz appear pristine all the time; this property will especially come in handy on those days you have to recieve guests on short notice since it doesn’t take much effort to clean. Quartz, irrespective of its finish and age can look great for a lifetime, it requires very little maintenance and it will surely leave an indelible pleasant mark in the memory of all that behold it everytime.

Floor Tiles, Kitchen and Bar Countertops, Kitchen Backsplashes, Bathroom Countertops, Bathtubs and Showers.

Engineered Stone


Caesarstone® Quartz Surfaces

Caesarstone® is able to provide improved products with unprecedented physical properties superior to those of marble, granite and other manufactured surfaces. For more than a decade Caesarstone has set new standards in innovation and craftsmanship and continues to set the trends in the industry.

Cambria® Quartz Surfaces

Help you create the home of your dreams, without compromising beauty or performance. More captivating than other quartz counters, Cambria® creates unique surfaces with the true elegance you demand of natural stone, and the hard-working performance your everyday life requires.

Q™ Premium Natural Quartz

Q™ Premium Natural Quartz is the latest in elegant and durable natural quartz countertops from MSI. With a full palette of colors and styles, there is a Q™ Premium Natural Quartz countertop to complement any space.

Silestone® by Cosentino

Silestone® is the world’s leading producer of quartz surfaces designed for high-quality kitchens and bathrooms, including countertops and sinks with advanced bacteristatic technology. Silestone® is the only brand that offers a certified warranty, in writing.

DuPont™ Corian® Quartz Surfaces

Zodiaq® quartz surface brings the best of nature and science to the best of contemporary residential and commercial design. Engineered with pure quartz crystals, beaming with diamond-like radiance, Zodiaq® surfaces are visually striking — and utterly unique. The sparkling crystal within Zodiaq® quartz surfaces balances stunning light-play with mesmerizing depth.

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