Color Selection

Considering you will be looking at it every day, one of the most crucial decisions you will make in your kitchen with be the color of your countertop, Color and pattern can dramatically change your whole kitchen design and the way you view your space. Here are a couple suggestions:

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First, pick all the colors that you like. Then narrow them down to two or three options. How do you choose a color or narrow it down? Look at color charts and granite samples to get a feel for what you like. Look at them in different lights.

Look at the different patterns… solids, swirls, dots. There are so many from which to choose. A good idea would be to gather samples of your floor tiles, paint colors, appliances, fixtures and a cabinet door sample. Then you can choose a countertop that blends in well with your surrounding color scheme. What colors make you feel good?

Some ideas… Selecting colors of black and grey will give the kitchen a modern contemporary look. Blue and purple will appear exotic, while ivory, brown and shades of gold lend themselves to a variety of styles ranging from French Country to Old World. Depending on the hue, green can be interpreted as formal or casual. Deep red and plum will give your kitchen a romantic and cozy feel.

A couple other things… Do you have a lot of sun light in your kitchen? Is your kitchen small? If you have a smaller kitchen, or if you don’t have much sun light, a dark stone may make your kitchen appear smaller. If you love the look of lighter colored natural stones, they will expand a small room and make it seem larger. When you’re out and about, pay attention to what others have done with color. Check out our portfolio for different ideas.

Remember that if resale is in your near future, it’s always wise to stick with classic colors such as black instead of colors with dramatic variations when installing something as permanent as stone.

If you have any questions or concerns about the subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.