Determining Backsplash Requirements

In virtually all cases, the installation of new countertops will require you to make a decision about backsplashes. The backsplash can be an important focal point in a room. There are so many different types and styles of backsplash that it makes it a great tool when customizing your kitchen. While you can go with no backsplash at all, having a backsplash on wall surfaces not only adds a finishing and elegant touch to your counters, it also provides protection for accidental spills. All of AGS’ backsplashes are custom measured and fabricated to fit your kitchen.


</p> <h6>Tuscany countertops with no backsplash</h6> <p>

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At AGS, we use 4″ high standard backsplashes for the majority of residential kitchens.

When you have the backsplash, you have a choice of having the edge profile of the countertop go all the way to the wall or we can stop it at the corner of the backsplash. Here is what they look like with ogee edge countertops. We prefer having a stop unless otherwise requested, since it gives a more detailed, elegant look to the countertops.

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When choosing natural or engineered stone countertops, keep in mind that a matching stone backsplash provides a beautiful and protective surface to the wall area where the countertops meet the back wall.

A custom backsplash will provide an easy to care for surface and years of protection for wall areas directly behind cooktop surfaces that are exposed to heat, steam, food splatters and grease.


With a little forethought and ingenuity, the one-dimensional and customarily standard backsplash can be transformed into an attractive addition to your overall kitchen design. Below, you can see how the smallest detail can make the most dramatic difference in your kitchen.

</p> <h6>Lady Dream countertops with full height backsplash behind the range.</h6> <p>

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</p> <h6>Uba Tuba countertops with full height backsplash – Free form area on the left side of the backsplash is just an example of limitless design options.</h6> <p>

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If you’re not sure which type of backsplash best fits your needs, please contact us.