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The Most Popular Granite Colors For Kitchen Countertops

The countertop is one of the most vital components of your kitchen. It is the functional and aesthetic foundation of your kitchen. It’s where you do virtually everything you do in the kitchen and the design also sets a tone for other parts of the kitchen. It is no surprise, therefore, that granite is now the standard kitchen countertop material. There aren’t many materials that effortlessly combine durability and elegance the way granite does. The stunning appearance makes it a sight to behold in any kitchen and you can do no wrong by adorning your kitchen countertop with granite.

Another strong point of granite as a kitchen countertop material is the existence of numerous varieties. You’ll find variations in speckles and swirls and more importantly, colors. There are at least hundreds of colors to choose from when planning a granite countertop for your kitchen. The sheer amount of varieties could leave anyone dazed. Below is a guide to 5 of the most popular granite colors for kitchen countertops.

Giallo Ornamental

The Giallo Ornamental has a somewhat modest appearance but this doesn’t diminish any of its elegance. The granite boasts a creamy white background, adorned with dark gray and brown veins. The veins combine to form an intricate network of patterns on the Giallo Ornamental, giving it an understated beauty. This granite color has been around for many years and it still remains a favorite among homeowners looking that desire an elegant kitchen countertop. The Giallo Ornamental’s popularity is further increased by its ability to blend well with a wide range of cabinet colors.

Delicatus White

The delicatus white is a beautiful stone with a soft white background adorned with contrasting dark veining. If you really love a white countertop but you’re thinking twice about getting one because of the stress of maintaining it, the delicatus white is definitely a reasonable alternative. The dark veining creates a fine blend of the bright and dark colors creates a full spectrum of contrast. This confers an ability to blend smoothly with all kinds of kitchen designs and varieties on the delicatus white. It’s a color you’ll surely love for your kitchen.

Black Pearl

Black pearl granite is essentially black granite with a semi-solid color tone. The black background is adorned with speckles of blacks, golds, silvers, browns, greens, and shades of gray. The multiple speckles of varying colors on the dark background confers a stunning look on the Black Pearl. It’s the go-to granite countertop color among homeowners who desire a black countertop. It blends easily with lighter cabinet colors, particularly creating a perfect contrast with white and cream colors. If you, however, desire a uniform appearance, you could choose the darker hues. Whatever the cabinet colors you settle for, the black pearl would definitely add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.

Luna Pearl

The Luna Pearl is a uniform granite that consists mainly of small black and grey colors, accented with light brown or light peach minerals. The accents confer a luxurious look on the slab and the patterns, albeit slightly bolder than marble, give it a marble-like feel. If you like marble countertops but have misgivings owing to the softness of marble, the Luna Pearl is the perfect granite alternative for you. It’s a perfect blend of marble’s luminescent look and the toughness of granite. You could warm up your kitchen countertop with the neutral gray color of the Luna Pearl as it affords unmatched freedom in design.

Santa Cecelia

The Santa Cecelia has been around for quite a while but we can’t seem to get over the elegance of this stunning marble. It has prominent, rich, brown tones accented with black patterns, creating a perfect contrast of colors. The Santa Cecelia looks absolutely gorgeous on dark wood kitchen cabinets and it still manages to blend perfectly with white cabinet designs. It’s one of the many granite colors that would always look perfect and beautiful in any kitchen. The pattern isn’t exactly immobile as it has just enough movement to make it all the more endearing.

There you have it! Highlighted above are 5 of the most popular granite colors for kitchen countertops. As you may know already, choosing a particular color among the myriad of available options could be overwhelming. You can do no wrong by choosing any of the colors on this list.

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