Kitchen Design Trends For 2017

Kitchen design trends are fleeting – they come in and out of fashion. The raving designs back in the 90s may not be so popular now. 2016 was an innovative year in all aspect of life, including fashion and kitchen design. We can, therefore, expect a lot of trend shakeup in the area of kitchen design in the year 2017. This article will take a look at some layouts, colors, and materials that you might start to use right now.

Black: Utilizing black for your kitchen is making an appearance, for the entire kitchen, not just as a feature. There will be plenty of black benchtops, appliances, matt cabinets; even ceiling and walls. Grey and black kitchen can be offset with some metallic and stainless surfaces inspired by industrial and commercial kitchen looks.

Oval Shapes: Over shapes are new kitchen trends to expect in the 2017 season. The days of straight, sharp edges are long gone. Now we are seeing more rounded shapes and soft curves in the form of oblongs and ovals. Combining an oblong shape with a black kitchen will make an exquisite statement that you are well ahead in the kitchen style game.

Bright Colours: Bright colors are making an incredible comeback. They are everywhere now. We are seeing oranges, blues, and yellows, combined with neutral grays or white to balance things out. In 2017, you should expect to see less wooden décor and more monochrome colors splatter about. A common finish for these vibrant colors is mostly semi-gloss or a gloss.

Kitchen Island: Kitchen islands have always been a very popular choice for their efficient use of space and practicality. The 2017 season will bring with it a more open shelf arrangement that gives room for design elements and decoration, rather than a closed face or breakfast bar with stool.

Decorative Tiles: Utilizing decorative tiles in small areas of your kitchen can create an interest and flair in an otherwise monotone space. They are great for feature walls and are also a great way to refresh your kitchen without changing much else.

Ceramic and Concrete:

Concretes and ceramics are natural materials that have been used in the past for bench-top because of their scratch and heat resistance, they are however now being used in cabinet doors and paneling.

2017 promises to be an innovative year for kitchen design enthusiasts. You can expect some new benchmarks being set in the kitchen design arena. Now is the time to key into some wonderful trend that 2017 will surely come with.

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