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Matching Kitchen Countertops & Cabinets

Matching Kitchen Countertops & Cabinets

Whether you are planning a kitchen remodel or just your countertops, the countertop you opt for can either be the focal point or something that anchors the rest of your kitchen even in terms of color. Your choice of kitchen countertop has lots of impact on the entire feel of your kitchen space. If you choose the wrong color for countertop, it will generally be very difficult to create a harmonious feel all through your kitchen area. A modern kitchen countertop and cabinets should have something of a minimalistic feel to them. Although kitchen trends do come and go, for years now granite appliances have particularly been trendy. If you have this type of kitchen set up, a black cabinetry makes an excellent match for it, as granite has lots of black coloration in it. Likewise, black cabinetry has a very sleek appearance, as the color tends to overwhelm any features of the wood.

And perhaps you are going for a real conventional look; consider matching your cabinets and kitchen countertops by going for the least intrusive designs. These include conventional looks like darker stained wood, blond wood or other woods that show off their grains. Similar to black cabinets, wood that reveals its grains blend nicely with granite kitchen countertops as well as other surfaces with patterns of their own. Furthermore when you are looking at kitchen cabinets or countertops, it is important you think about the type of flooring you will be putting in your kitchen. It is fine to allow your imagination soar, but ensure that everything complements one another. You can even make use of a color chart to determine colors. It matches one another, and then select two main colors and one accent color.


The colors of your countertop, flooring, cabinet and wall are all visual components. They must come together to create the overall kitchen look.

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